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  1. How does Senior Services Options(SSO) screen its caregivers?
    Gloria brings with her over fifty years of interviewing skills. Caregivers must undergo an in-person interview, reference checks, a background check, a test for tuberculosis (TB test), be CPR capable, drug screened, bonded, insured, agree to periodic screening. 

  2. Would caregiver present a photo identification to me? 
    Yes. Caregivers must carry a legal photo identification when reporting to work.

  1. Are caregivers performance periodically re-evaluated?
    Yes, and your input is greatly valued in the process.
  2. Does SSO provide ongoing training to its caregivers?
    Yes. Caregivers must agree to avail themselves to ongoing training and pre-employment.
  3. If I am dissatisfied with my regular caregiver, could I request a change?
    Yes. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.
  4. If my assigned caregiver is unable to work, would you provide a backup worker?
    Yes. We strive to provide a close as possible match when replacing an assigned caregiver, whether it is for a shift or as a permanent replacement.
  1. What levels of care do you offer? What is the cost of your services?
    You may engage our services hourly, daily, 24/7 shifts,over-night, or live-in. SSO can personalize both your care needs and cost to fit your budget.
  2. Do I have to sign a contract to engage your services?
    Only an agreement to pay for services you receive. There is no long-term contract locking you in.
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  1. If the caregiver provides transportation in her car, do you ensure that adequate insurance is in place?
    Yes, and caregivers driving records are periodically screened.
  2. What forms of payment does SSO accept?
    We accept all major credit cards debit cards, PayPal, check, and some private insurance companies.

We at Senior Services Options stand ready to answer all of your questions. Please contact us to arrange a free in-home assessment visit, where together we can evaluate your care needs and how SSO can best serve you and your family.

Thank you for listening.

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