Respite Care

When a loved one needs care, many of us take on the role of full-time caregiver. However, we may find that the level of stress which accompanies that labor of love can be quite wearing, both mentally and physically. You may decide to take a break from everyday routine to refresh and re-energize.

You will choose the times and length of time that are best for your family. You will choose an SSO caregiver who matches your specificity. You will orient the caregiver with your schedule of care; thereby minimizing interruption in the daily habits of your family member. Also, as is our policy, a backup caregiver will be available just in case. Although many of us may have separation anxiety being apart from our loved one, we at SSO want you to have a peace of mind knowing that we will provide all the care your loved one needs.

Grandpa playing with child

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Availability of Our Care Teams

  • Three or More Hours, Day or Night
  • 24/7 Shifts
  • Live-in 24hours in Your Home
    (you must provide the caregiver with their own space to sleep)

Please call today and let us know how we can best serve you (844) 385-6271